The Original Blue
New Comiskey Park Blue Double Seat

South Side fans rejoice! We have garnered a supply of seats from the current home of the Chicago White Sox! Whether you want to call it New Comiskey Park, US Cellular Field, or simply "The Cell," The Stadium Seat Store can hook you up with the perfect piece of history from Chicago's American League team.

Choose which style you like best: the classic light blue of Comiskey or the modern dark green of
U.S. Cellular Field. Check the info on the seats then click on the photo for a better look at your newest favorite piece of Sox memorabilia!

Blue Comiskey Double Seats
Seats from Comiskey Park when the White Sox won the 2005 World Series!
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity and Legs.
Very Limited Supply:

NOW JUST $1150
(+$90 s&h)

New Comiskey Blue Double Seat $1150 (+$90 s&h)

The Current Dark Green
US Cellular Dark Green Single Seat

The Dark Green Seats currently installed in the park. In the off-season between 2005 and 2006, a majority of the light blue seats werer replaced with the new, dark green seats. As you can see, the green seats have a much cleaner look, and do not exhibit the sun-fading that is present on the light blue seats.

The Green seats we offer were in The Cell for a single season in 2006. During the off-season between 2006-2007, some sections were remodeled and renovated, leaving extra seats that we were able to gather up. Now we are providing them to you, the Sox Faithful!

Green U.S. Cellular Single
A new arrival at The Stadium Seat Store!
These seats are the same comfortable seats that currently fill U.S. Cellular Field.
Comes with legs and Certificate of Authenticity

JUST $750
(+$70 s&h)

US Cellular Dark Green Single Seat $750 (+$70 s&h)


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