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Wrigley Field Seat Ornament

Sometimes at the Stadium Seat Store, we encounter seats that have been taken out of Wrigley and Busch Stadium, but are too damaged to sit in. We have found a way to transform these broken seats into fantastic ornaments!

The seats used to make the ornaments were in the Stadiums for forty years, and have found new life as these great decorations. The ornament is modeled after a baseball, complete with "stitches" molded into the plastic.

Each Ornament is approximately three inches in diameter, and is stamped with the words: "Made From Wrigley Field Seats" or "Made From Busch Stadium" and "Built in 1914". Each ornament also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is sure to be a great gift for the Cubs or St. Louis Cardinal's fan in your life!

Wrigley Field Ornament
Made from a seat in Wrigley Field, with 40 years of history and a Certificate of Authenticity! A Stadium Seat Store EXCLUSIVE

(with FREE shipping)

Wrigley Field Ornament made from the plastic of removed seats $15 (Free s&h)

Busch Memorial Stadium Ornament
Made from a seat in St. Louis Cardinal's
Busch Memorial Stadium (1966-2005).
A Stadium Seat Store EXCLUSIVE

(with FREE shipping)

$15 (Free s&h)

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